Welcome to the The Megalithic Empire. This website is for all things concerning the book "The Megalithic Empire" by M J Harper & H L Vered....and things megalithic generally.

British Megaliths are in a bit of a doldrum. Just because Stonehenge is a Universe Heritage Site and Avebury is the most visited village on the planet and Skara Brae features in television documentaries twice a week doesn’t mean that anybody has a clue what any of them were actually used for.

Basically, academics have been guessing (though pretending they knew) for centuries right up until the 1960’s and 1970’s when, at long last, some experts from outside the ranks of archaeology and pre-history took an interest and ‘proved’ (yes, the quotes are still just about necessary) that the megalith-builders knew rather more about astronomy, geography, surveying and measuring than archeologists and pre-historians thought was decent, even possible, for people living a good long time before the advent of civilisation.

Since then two strands have emerged. The academics have stood quite still from shock and continue to witter on about the sheer purposelessness of the stones, emphasizing their ritual purposes, they were built ‘for the ancestors’, ‘they probably conducted processional marches round and round them for three thousand years’ and that kind of thing. It’s more than their job’s worth to say, “We don’t know.”

So naturally enthusiasts with an abiding interest in megaliths but with no relevant academic background have taken up the slack and run with it. Sometimes to good effect, sometimes a bit out of control. But, it has to be said, not coming to any conclusion that has achieved wider acceptance among people without an abiding interest in the megaliths.

The Megalithic Empire purports to close the gap by providing a rational explanation for the whole of Megalithia as a system. The evidence for the theory is, to put it mildly, more circumstantial than physical but nevertheless stands up to a certain amount of skeptical rough treatment. But, whether true or not, it does have the very necessary attribute of building bridges between the two sides since everyone can agree that The Megalithic Empire is complete tosh. It would be a start!

We have built the site to introduce the book and also provide a platform for discussing all things Megalithic. To join the discussion, head to the forum. We also have a Megalithic Walks section that provides a way anybody can a) check out the truth of the book in the real world and b) start to become a Megalithic Expert in their own right.