Winterbourne Abbas Walk Two

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WINTERBOURNE ABBAS  Walk  Two   Route:  Winterbourne Abbas – Martin’s Down – Kingston Russell stone circle – Little Bredy – Winterbourne Abbas Length:  c. 11 miles                 Inset of Chesil Beach                                   […]

When You Get Home (Dorset)

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When You Get Home   Often the best way to proceed is to select the most interesting place from the walk and then use a stream-of-consciousness technique to move through the various layers until something sparks a connection, which may be ancient lore or reveal carefully ignored territory. Most often it will just be rediscovering […]

Ogbourne St George and The Ridgeway

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Ogbourne St George and The Ridgeway   Length: 12½ miles. The best map is OS Explorer 157.   The Ridgeway is designated a national trail, even a national treasure in some people’s view. Don’t be put off by the sheer number of walkers setting out to ‘do’ the Ridgeway in six days or whatever—this is […]

When You Get Home

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The internet provides you with a tool of colossal power quite unprecedented in the Halls of Academe, thus far only rivalled by the printing press in its scope. As soon as you Google a place visited on your walk, a unique set of pathways will open up before you. Just dive in. For instance, if […]